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Hi, I’m Erin.

I’m a culinary food scientist, recipe developer, food photographer, and all-around baking lover. My focus is on small-batch bakes – for those who love treats but don’t always need enough to feed a whole party! Thank you so much for stopping by and I look forward to hopefully working together!.

Possible services:

Social Media Sponsored Post: Sponsored posts are a great way to reach a new audience! I offer sponsored posts for reels, static posts, and stories. You can find my Instagram here, and my TikTok here.

Recipe Development: My absolute favorite thing to do. If you are looking for a recipe using one or more of your products, I am more than happy to help create something delicious for you.

Food Photography: What really brings food to life. If you are looking for styled photos with your recipe, a new recipe, or product photography look no further!

Videography: Video content has been getting pushed out more and more on social media and is a great way to show off how to make a recipe.

f you are looking for more details or something not listed above, please feel free to email me and I would be more than happy to discuss it with you. You can contact me at or by using the form on this page. I am also happy to provide you with my media kit, available upon request.

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